There are 3 Types of Content

There are 3 Types of Content

James Sandrini 8th February 2018

This is what you’re competing with. Every day.

– 5,000,000 Blog posts written

– 700,000,000 Tweets sent

– 70,000,000 Photos uploaded to Instagram

– 250,000,000 Emails sent

Prefer your stats live? Check this out.

No wonder most things you post, tweet, and share go ignored.


This is a Twitter post from a prominent food & drink brand:


That is what we call Wallpaper content (I’m feeling kind). Content that you’re not urged to respond to, doesn’t showcase something new and lingers in the background. When asked about a Wallpaper post you can respond that “yes, it is indeed a post.”

Cut Through

Cut Through content sounds fancy because it fucking is. It stops you. It forces action.

How? These methods work:

– Live video or a GIF, separating itself from the regular imagery & text

– Simply beautiful photography, evocative of the environment or product

– A competition or an offer, prompting people to engage

– A retweet or repost from a customer with a thank you, embracing the community

Here’s an example:


Yeah Ok so we made one of those. Our blog. Our rules.


Cut Through content causes action. 3D content translates that action from online to offline. Like, in real life.

Meaning that, when you visit the venue, you’re confronted with a coherent story, from digital-to-digs. This could be a design style. Or an attitude. Or a series of values.

These folks do it right:

What do all of these posts have in common? They make you feel something. A connection. You feel like you know the person that wrote it. And we’re far more enamoured by people than ‘brands.’

Not to say this tactic is without risk. “What if I piss some people off? I could create some a PR nightmare!”

Well, no. I mean sure, you could, but the types of content we’re talking about based on your values and beliefs. It’s founded on truths that exist within your business every day, so if – and this is a big if for many – you follow what you preach, then you’re only amplifying the things that already thrill your guests.

Don’t be wallpaper. Find a healthy mix of cut through and 3D.