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Never 'off the shelf'

Always out the box

Before consumers interact with your product they’re interacting with your packaging.

In a few brief seconds, you need to introduce yourself, tell your story, and standout from your competition.

We guide you through the whole process; transforming 2D ideas into tactile fully-realised 3D objects, to create something that will stop people in their tracks for all the right reasons.

Retail Packaging

It’s one thing creating visually arresting work. It’s another to ensure it can scale. We create packaging systems with the versatility you need to flex effortlessly between formats.

We can then produce comprehensive style guides to ensure total consistency across manufacturers and production companies.

A carefully arranged selection of Gozney accessories and their packaging
A Gozney dough scraper and its card packaging

Retail Packaging

Food & Drink Packaging

In a sector this competitive, we know that generic packaging just won’t cut it. Whether you need something to stand out in a dimly-lit bar or spread the word on the street, we can help you create something genuinely engaging and memorable.

New Press Wine

From the archive: Naming and Packaging for a Restaurant in an Old Laundry

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