Caddy Energy

The Brand

Jed Skelton, alongside health food entrepreneur Richard Austin, founder of Rainbow Wholefoods, spotted a gap in the golf market. With over 2,500 golf courses and adult participation sitting at around the 4 million mark in the UK - the traditional snack offering in the clubhouses and golf shops broadly consisted of sugary flap jacks, mars bars and crisps. Instant energy - yes. Inevitable energy crash soon after - always.

So, alongside his nephew Jed, Richard started Caddy - a zero sugar energy bar focused on maintaining energy levels for the full 18 holes.

The Brief

Richard and Jed had ambitions beyond just the golf shops however. The brand needed to have the ability to scale beyond the golf courses and on to supermarket shelves.

The name Caddy was an important one. The relationship between caddy and player goes beyond just bag carriers. They’re an integral part of a player’s success on the course. So the packaging needed to communicate that modern relationship alongside the romance of the great outdoors.

The Approach

We worked with illustrator Brian Miller on an illustration that gave a warm nostalgic feeling, and provided a tactility that connected it with the outdoors.

We also ensured that we could maximise the use of the illustration - allowing it to work both as a tight crop on packaging and as well as a wider image that could be used for marketing collateral. The wordmark itself was created taking inspiration from 1940’s golf posters and using colour shifts to denote the two flavour variants.