Fox and the Field

The Brief

The idea was a simple one. To setup a juice and smoothie bar which championed locally sourced fruit and veg in each of its products. And one that moved away from the elitist/premium end of the juices and smoothies market. It needed to appeal to people, young and old. Healthy and unhealthy. Everybody and every body.

London wasn’t limited in terms of juice and smoothie bar offerings, however there was huge scope in the regions for a juice and smoothie bar focused on locality to develop a real name for itself. First stop - East Anglia (obviously).

Matt came to 48.1 to create a name and brand for his freshly squeezed vision. 

Fox & the Field Brand

The Approach

First things first - the name. Hundreds (literally) of options were whittled down to one. This was a very personal journey for Matt. And with a surname like Fox - this was too good an opportunity to ignore. 

A big part of the brand was the sourcing of ingredients. Matt’s aim was that at least 50% of his ingredients would be sourced from fields no more than 40 miles away from where they were pitched. Fox & the Field said exactly what we needed it to and provided us with a visual steer that could appeal to both an older and younger audience. 

We used illustration to communicate the offering and add splashes of fun that would appeal to a broad demographic. A foxes tail was added to the ampersand to compliment the visual approach and create a memorable, iconic stand-alone asset which could be used across all assets.

And a colour palette was created which not only provided a nod to the humble fox, but also mirror Matt’s stunning 1950’s VW Campervan - which we designed and installed the graphics for to create a stand out piece of local advertising.