Franco Manca Website

The Brief

Franco Manca were in a position of both strength and contradiction. 

They were the anti-brand. However, they boasted over 45 sites. Their website needed to cater more effectively to what was now a much larger audience. Yet it was essential that they maintained their punk spirit.

So, they came to 48.1 to design a new website. One that worked far harder from a commercial perspective. One that made each location feel truly local. And one that celebrated the ‘radically simple’ nature of the brand.

The Approach

The website needed to be first in class. So we implemented a number of features that made it exactly that. 

- Geolocation upon landing that showed each user’s ‘home’ location when they scrolled through the site.

- A custom CMS system was built allowing the internal team to update promotions within seconds.

- Site-specific specials, updated daily and pulled through from the local POS allowed for a truly dynamic website feature - controlled by the GMs.

- A bespoke, scrollable map function that highlighted all Franco Manca sites in the local area