IPW1 Rebrand

The Brief

Originally branding themselves Instant Print W1, the business had a strong reputation amongst its existing client base. However, there were a few challenges facing them.

Firstly, there was another competitor trading under the name Instant Print who had a huge budget and, as a result, were cannibalising IPW1’s positive momentum - most aggressively online through PPC advertising.

Secondly, their visual identity was weak. This was a forward-thinking print agency who were doing things very few print houses could do internally. Their brand identity failed to capture that - feeling outdated and at odds with the business we knew.

So Instant Print W1 came to 48.1 to help refresh the brand and get their name out there in what was an increasingly competitive market.

The Approach

We started by diving into their google analytics to see the potential impact the other Instant Print were having. We looked at the broader market to see where they could carve their own niche. We looked closely at there current identity, offering and positioning to see what things we loved and didn’t want to lose (and actually emphasise). 

The first decision was to change the name to IPW1. It needed to be a simple switch in order not to confuse existing, loyal customers. But it was a change that helped them develop a clear separation between themselves and their most damaging competitor - both online and offline. 

Secondly, an identity and voice that reflected who they were and what they offered were created. This was a to-the-point print agency who championed an uncomplicated, seamless approach for its clients. Honest, straight talking, transparent. No bullshit. 

So a new logo, a stripped back colour palette and a strapline that got to the heart of what they did as quickly as they printed things was required. 

‘IPW1 - Proper Printing’ was born.