POLPO Loyalty

The Brief

POLPO had (and still have) an extremely loyal following. However, a two-way conversation between the brand and their customers just wasn’t happening.

POLPO didn’t understand who their customer was - nor what made them tick. What they ate, what they drank, which POLPO they went to most, when they went there and how they would like to be rewarded.

 Our task was two-fold:

CRM - To explore, recommend and onboard a CRM agency that could help maximise the data they were receiving as well as what they were doing with it.

Loyalty - To research, create and roll out a loyalty programme befitting the brand. One that was both operationally feasible and would reward existing loyal customers and introduce new audiences to.

The Approach

Our research led to us on-boarding POLPO’s first CRM agency. With the new GDPR regulations around the corner, not was timely. And we now work collaboratively with both POLPO and Acteol to develop a robust CRM strategy that allows for consistent, effective, regular brand communication to POLPO’s engaged database.

We then designed and built a unique, personalised loyalty programme befitting to the POLPO brand. One that was focused around access rather than discounts. 

Off-menu items, exclusive events and competitions. And one that didn’t feel out of place in what is a very tech-adverse environment but equally provided the brand with rich data, helping to inform POLPO’s wider, longer-term marketing efforts.

"The fantastic work 48.1 have done has really allowed this brand to look forward with enormous positivity. We have a plan and it’s a bloody good one!"
Scott MacDonald, Managing Director


Increase in database size


Average spend per head vs non loyalty scheme customers