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The Brief

POLPO knocked on 48.1’s door to design and build a new website. One that transported people to the glorious decrepitude of Venice that inspired their family of restaurants.

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The Approach

In an increasingly competitive and volatile restaurant market, the website needed to work hard to drive business - whilst recreating the simplistic romance that defined their food and restaurants.

We built a website that allowed customers to book a table within 2-3 clicks on both mobile and desktop.

To help make this process as seamless as possible, we took the integration with Design my Night to its limits - used by Design My Night as a best practice case study. 

A custom CMS system allowing the internal team to respond quickly to the urgent demands was built. And full integration with their new CRM system was deployed (with GDPR at front of mind), ensuring POLPO could continue engaging with their audience.

Our job was also to recapture the photographic style people fell in love with back in 2012. That meant many trips to POLPO and many a dishes ordered. Oh - and a trip to Venice. Obviously.

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Polpo Website Menu
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The Results

A 16% increase in traffic per venue and a 28% increase in mobile engagement.