POLPO x Campari Campaign

The Brief

POLPO’s relationship with Campari goes way back.

Campari and Aperol were installed as hero products on their very first menu back in 2009 - and in-turn was integral in cementing Campari’s positioning as a different, yet accessible take on customer’s more traditional spirit and mixer choices. 

The summer of 2018 provided an opportunity to celebrate POLPO’s and Campari’s rich history via a multi-channel campaign. Historically, very little had been done to promote POLPO’s Aperitivo Hour. So here was a chance to secure POLPO’s status as the place to go for Aperitivo Hour, driving both new and repeat visits and increasing trial of both Campari and Aperol. 

48.1 were tasked with crafting the strategy and creating all in-restaurant and digital assets to help bring the campaign to life. 

Our Approach

With Campari being the slightly more grown-up, sophisticated offering and Aperol being the young, fun, free-spirited one - we saw an opportunity to humanise these distinct personalities. The aim being to create a clear picture in the customer’s mind as to which drink matched their personality and/or mood at any given point. 

Collaborating with designer and illustrator Freya Defoe, and taking inspiration from Campari’s legendary vintage posters, we created a group of distinctive characters to represent each product - alongside a lock up for POLPO’s Aperitivo Hour. 

Rolled out across A-boards, internal posters, bouncebacks, table talkers, menus and motion assets for social - the result was a cohesive, fun, single-minded and visually impactful campaign. 

The Results

And it didn’t just look good - the campaign resulted in POLPO’s most successful Aperitivo Hour to date with a 60% increase in sales vs the previous year. 

Polpo x Campari A-Board
Polpo Campari Aperol Badges