Polu Poké Web Design

The Brief

Polú Poké opened their first store in Shoreditch in November. You only get one chance at launching your first restaurant. And when the product is as undiscovered as poké and the location as new as Principal Place, the pressure was on to ensure people turned up from day one.

So, founder Celia Farrar tasked 48.1 to develop a launch strategy, design and build a website and produce social content to generate maximum buzz ahead of launch. 

The Approach

Our first task was to define the brand. Off the back of market research, countless conversations with founder Celia Farrar, competitor benchmarking and focus groups, we produced a brand key that now serves as a crucial reference point for everything they do. Who their audience is. Who their competition is. What makes them different. What they sound like. And ultimately what they stand for (and what they don’t). This brand key informs the decisions they made then, the ones they make now and those they will make in the future.

Polú Poké is a brand that bursts with flavour, colour and texture. Both the product itself as well as the store. So they needed a digital presence that represented exactly that. We designed and built both Polú Poké’s holding website pre-launch as well as their full website once open with exactly that in mind. One that let the product do the talking, tells the story of how it all began and brings to life the energy of the brand.

The Results

A queue out the door from 11am until 3pm on opening day - at which point they’d run out of food. One year later, Polú Poké are already making plans for site number two.