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Ripping up the rule book with renowned restaurateur Richard Corrigan

  • The Question

    Stepping out of his comfort zone and into the Shoreditch food scene, Irish-born iconic West London chef Richard Corrigan was determined to push more than physical boundaries with his newest venture. Engaging our team to craft a visual identity for a restaurant that challenged his fine dining reputation; instead embracing the radical energy of the East with live music, spoken word and poetry — tied together with a rich Irish heritage centred on a folk song of the same name — Daffodil Mulligan.

    But how can you authentically rehome an established legacy amongst a vastly different crowd?

  • The Answer

    By first embracing the homeland. Enriching the restaurant with a true Irish soul, we gave it a persona inspired by the unapologetic attitude of Ireland’s first female parliamentary member and non-conformist icon, Constance Markievicz. Rebellious, unpredictable and a true punk spirit, the brand was designed to challenge expectation — starting with Richard, and finishing with a collection of severed, tattooed hands. That should do it.

She’s a revolver in one hand, and a cigarette in the other. Everything Daffodil Mulligan should be

Richard Corrigan


We built an Irish identity free from the typical English-applied clichés — building a brand that feels authentic and unorchestrated. Crafting a logo inspired by the serifs found in the archive of vintage Irish-advertising prints, we were determined to tell an authentic origin story. Drawing from their daffodil-like quality, we redrew and refined the letterforms to create the brand’s primary logo; creating a series of accompanying wordmarks to secure the fluid form desired.

Collaborating with an interiors agency and signage producers, we brought custom head-turning neon signs to life — winking boldly back at passers-by on surrounding Shoreditch streets. 


Detailing a small library of illustrations representative of legendary Irish proverbs, the Daffodil Mulligan lyrics and Constance Markievicz herself, we added a hand-drawn warmth, depth and gutsiness to the identity.


As a final nod to the punk spirit of our muses, we designed a bespoke severed, illustration-tattooed hand to act as Daffodil Mulligan’s reserved sign. Crafted to be freely manipulated into different gestures we embraced the rebellion of the brand — giving conformity the finger, or maybe five. This one’s for you, Constance.

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