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Revenant Cider Brand, Packaging

Our Work Revenant Cider

A new cider for the new cider drinker

In a market as flat and fusty as the many cider’s that occupy it, co-founders George, Lawrence, Paul and Richard were on a mission to create something new. Not the sweet, sugary, fizzy type. Not the flat, warm, funky kind.

Dry yet sparkling yet refreshing. A perfect partnership with food – and as much a cider as an alternative to the traditional aperitif.

Photoshoot and Sketch Development

Their existing brand identity failed to match the vision of the business nor its refined flavour profile. We were tasked with creating a fresh new look, befitting of the liquid inside the can and appealing to the brand’s audience of early adopters – those willing to take a risk on something new.

Inspired by Werner Bischof’s photography of 1940’s exploration, we created a new identity that encapsulated the spirit of discovery and championed the brand’s urge to delve into territories few had walked.

A risk rewarded.

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