Levi Roots Brand Refresh

The Brief

The original brief was to transform their menu suite in to something that not only provided them with a more confident, own-able identity - but also one that saw a positive impact in terms of sales. 

However, we wanted to take this a step further.

This for us was the start of a refreshed brand identity. Not just one that could live in isolation across the menus, but one that needed to work across all in-store and digital assets. 

The Approach

Caribbean Smokehouse’s identity was everything the cuisine wasn’t. Watered down, confused, lacking confidence and defunct of an own-able identity.

However, in a market where nobody was truly owning authentic Caribbean cuisine, there was a huge opportunity for the brand to stand tall and grab hold of the niche.

Our creative direction was taken from the graphic language of reggae and dancehall culture. What was striking about this work is the amount of energy it provided with minimal colour - creating a visual style that felt distinctly Caribbean.

And it also allowed us to bring Levi Roots to the forefront of the brand - showcasing this unique personality via photography and copy. 

The Caribbean Smokehouse itself has an abundance of colour - so rather than adding to the mix, we decided to create a contrast to help everything stand on its own two feet. 

Ultimately, this now felt like a brand which could truly own a unique and authentic space in the Caribbean food market. 

Caribbean Smokehouse Dessert Menu back
Caribbean Smokehouse Poundclash Poster
Caribbean Smokehouse Poundclash Poster

The Results

Since the launch of our new menu design, Caribbean Smokehouse experienced instant commercial results. Both the design and engineering of the menu content have have resulted in positive movement - not only regarding the sales mix, but also on average spend

Caribbean Smokehouse Website Visual